Thanks to the guys over at Black Nova Designs, We now have a new brand new bespoke website for you guys to benefit from.Please be aware this is our new site, some things may still be in working progress and a few glitches maybe found, if you do find us please feel free to contact us on info@a1hydroprint.co.uk

A1 HydroPrint

New Website, New Front

A1 Hydro Print have everything you need to customise virtually any component such as intereor trims, wing mirrors, badges, gun stocks, motorcycle parts, wheels, engine covers. We can hydro dip any item up to 1.4 m x 90 cm that can be submerged in water. Other words used in Hydro Print are - Hydrographics and Hydrographic Printing Film, Hydrographic Printing, Water Transfer Printing, Water Transfer, Hydro Print Film, Water printing, Hydrographic Film, Water Transfer Film We work from our secure premisis in Witney, West Oxfordshire which is easily accesible from the A40.

The Hydro Dipping Process

Hydrographics or hydro printing, is the process that uses water transfers to bond an image or pattern to a two dimensional or three dimensional object. Usual printing cannot reach all of the areas of a 3D item in particular if there are odd shapes or hard to get to areas. By submerging the object in water and using hydro film of your choice these hard to get to areas are covered. The item or items must be watertight and measuring under 1.4 m by 90 cm and not be of a porous nature. Materials that can be hydro dipped include; ceramics, stone, metal and plastic. The object is prepared, primed, base coated, dipped, then we can candy coat or a matt or gloss finish is applied. When the process is complete the item is permanent and the pattern is very durable.


Call or email us for a quotation for your item, then either bring it to our workshop or post as necessary, we prepare, prime and either paint and dip and or candy coat and return your item to you. See More Hydro Dipping Information section above


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